You have to be Real

July 10th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Any Jackass can kick a barn down. It takes a builder to build one.

Nice quote eh?

I had an interesting week last week. Last Monday July the 2nd someone came to my house at 4pm with the intent of murdering me. I don’t live my life by anyone else’s terms. Like Steve Jobs said-

Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

My doorbell rang at 4pm after I finished mowing my yard. There was an individual standing there that said to me “Hey Eric, I love your music man. I’m a big fan. Are you going to be playing at Rubber Gloves any time soon?”

I am 43 years young, I’ve been on the planet a while, long enough to trust my gut. This didn’t add up.

I don’t play at Rubber Gloves. It’s not my scene. Not that I’ve never been there as a fan, but I do not perform there. He also made a remark about whether to as I work out. I had my shirt off as I had just finished mowing my yard. When my instincts take over I know there is potential danger and I listen to my instincts.

I gave this individual my business card, asked him his name, and mentioned to him he could simply stop by my website and find out when I would be performing. I purposely and assertively positioned my body in front of his and led both of us out into my front yard and locked my front door. When I sense malicious intent my instincts take over. I shook his hand as a bit of a barometer to read the situation and walked into my backyard from the front of my house to get my dog. A few minutes later as I walked out with my dog from my backyard this individual was ringing my doorbell in hopes of a second chance of entry into my home.

In frustration as I rounded the corner he lost his cool and shot me point blank in the chest from the front porch of my home.

I realized what had happened, put my finger in the gunshot wound to seal the bleeding, and jogged to my neighbors home and asked him to please call 911. Within minutes I was care-flighted to The Medical Center of Plano where an excellent medical staff attended to me and saved my life. I had no idea who would want to shoot me and I was asked by a great detective from the Denton Police Department to describe the suspect.

Within minutes he figured out someone who may have had completely misdirected and unfounded motive and apprehended the suspect accordingly. I do not live my life in fear. I do not fear death, and I do not fear anyone or anything. I accept we are all put here on this Earth to be the best that we can be and we will be tested over and over again. You can be guaranteed of that.

Why am I telling you all of this? It’s very simple, I could be dead now, and I am not. You could be dead now, and your not. Quit holding back, quit selling yourself short and get busy believing in yourself and allowing yourself to believe you deserve it.

I cannot teach you violence as I myself do not believe in it. However I can teach you not to bow your heads before anyone. I did not bow my head before this individual and here I am standing proud and tall as I always have, will, and always will be. My soul is bullet-proof, and so is yours. Get to living your life accordingly.

Unfortunately this individual now has to live with the consequences of his misdirected energies. We all are responsible for what we do and how we live our lives. I choose each day carefully how I spend my time as it is the greatest asset I have. You might consider doing the same. I love sounding like a broken record. Repetition is the mother of all skill. So here’s some repetition for you. The only thing that happens when you wait is you get older.

Any Jackass can kick a barn down. It takes a builder to build one. Don’t be a Jackass.

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  2. By Karen Baker on Jul 10, 2012

    Eric,I am very happy that your healing from this malicious attack& hope the idiot faces max penalty.Looks as you are focused so thats awesome.Have not had chance to view you tube video ,but sure I will find interesting.Glad to see you back(&Hund(?)!!!

  3. By Brook Ray on Jul 13, 2012

    Eric, we are so glad you’re ok!

  4. By Peter Elsner on Jul 15, 2012

    I grew up with you Eric, and I know we were not wealthy. The World meets nobody half way!

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