Words of a Song

October 11th, 2008 Posted in Music

I believe that music is the international language.

I also believe that no matter what your mood and what your going through in life somewhere at sometime someone has expressed it creatively.

If they haven’t yet and you can’t find a song to relate to then I believe the “universe” is compelling you to write a song that will speak your truth and share your feelings with the world.

You see music is what our feelings “sound like”. Music has been such a big part of my life that it has carried me through everything, even my Grandmothers funeral.

Joseph Campbell is one of my hero’s, his monumental work “The Power of Myth” resonates with everything I believe to be the truth. I went to his grave when I was in Hawaii and wrote this song the next day. George Lucas credits Joseph Campbell as the inspiration for Star Wars. George read the eulogy at Joseph’s Funeral.

Here are the lyrics. have a look at them before you listen and i feel you will relate on a much deeper level.

Hakuna Matata!


The Words of a Song

When people sing
I will dance
Into the earth
In a trance

I travel far
And emerge
In the words of a song

When you arrive
At this place
And stare god
In the face

You will find
Who you are
In the words of a Song

I have loved
And I’ve lost
In my pain
Born the cross

I have seen
No greater cure
Than the words of a song

As above
So below
In the depths
Of my soul

I return
To the earth
In the words of a song


When you are alone
And the world is your stage
What will you sing
In your song

The one who would be master
Is the servant of us all
You will find your answer
In a Song

(Eric Keyes/Fang Tooth Music BMI)

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