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March 31st, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Each and every Tuesday I will be posting a fun short video blog to share with you.

These are free and just a way to share with you my friends some fun ideas about Music, Love, Health, Wealth and developing a Strong Psychology.

For my first installment I thought I would post a video tip for all the guitar players out there.

Bruce Lee said something that stuck to my ribs when I heard it:

” I do not fear the man that knows a thousand kicks, I fear the man that did one kick, a thousand times” -Bruce Lee

Here is something along those lines concerning the pentatonic scale. This scale gets kind of a bad rap because of all of the “re-hashed” blues licks we hear over and over. However with just a few subtle shifts it takes on a whole different color that can massively enhance improvising.


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