The Truth About The Dallas Cowboys

October 2nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

One thing about living in Texas that is inescapable is football. This is only amplified when you live in North Texas aka “The Chicken Fried Nation.”

I myself don’t care too much for football. Since I love BBQ’s and people I often find myself in the middle of all kinds of events surrounding football and I have developed an affinity for watching people watch football.

It’s amazing how riled up and manic grown men can get over something that means nothing.

This brings me to post some radical honesty about this over-hyped, over marketed and completely over rated organization- The Dallas Cowboys.

Americas Team?

Says who?

How can a team who hasn’t even won a playoff game in 16 years call themselves “Americas Team?” It looks much more to me like Americas joke.

Maybe Mexico’s team.

It all boils down to one thing-


There is no leadership at Valley Ranch and there hasn’t been since Jimmy Johnson left. Barry Switzer did not win a Superbowl here, he just walked into Jimmy Johnson’s organization that he built and stood in as a puppet for the last Superbowl.

Here’s a great question I like to ask die hard Cowboy fans-

What NFL franchise would hire Jerry Jones as their general manager?

That always evokes a blank stare or a change of subject.

We were joking last night while at a dear friends house watching a game that the “Chicken Fried Nation” should storm the Bastille and call for the head of the Hydra i.e. Jerry Jones.

The fact of the matter folks, is that the best way to put a stop to all of this pathetic posturing, that has become The Dallas Cowboys, is to quit buying into it.

It’s just a bunch of hype.

I think Tony Romo should have to date Rosie O’Donnel until he wins the Superbowl. No Carrie Underwood or Jessica Simpson until you earn your stripes i.e.- win a Superbowl.

All this is in good fun, but remember as I have stated before- Its often when we are joking that we are the most serious, and I am serious.

The Dallas Cowboys are a joke.

Why build a gigantic unbelievably opulent stadium to house a team with no leadership and culture that can’t even make the playoffs?

It’s like you built this Ferrari and put a Lawnmower Engine in it!

Cowboys stadium is basically an over-hyped shopping mall. Now there’s even a Victoria’s Secret in there. See the lack of focus?

Jerry Jones, are you building an organization with vision and accountability or are you selling panties?

To me all I have seen in the last 16 years is one gigantic narcissist fest, and as far as I’m concerned-

No matter how hard you try, you can’t polish a turd.

I rest my case.

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