The Power of Intention

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Now that I look back the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. You know your living when yesterday seems like weeks ago. My Mom and Dad are getting up there in years and as I mentioned in a previous blog I have a very typical Jewish Mother and a hard working Dad who’s Toyota Forerunner has close to 400,000 miles on it. My Mom’s car finally conked out so they were in need of a good quality safe car.

This gets me to the subject of today’s post. The power of intention means a lot to me. I was lucky enough to discover at a very young age that accomplishing a goal is very simple. Get clear on what you want, exactly what you want and it’s OK if it is a bit unrealistic. I find that that gives it even more of a charge and makes it even more likely to happen.

I did just that. I got a clear picture in my mind of some kind of large sedan that would not be hard for my Mom to climb in and out of. I also knew it would need to be a simple car that was easy to drive and had plenty of room and visibility. That’s it. I got clear on that, released it to the universe and told a few close friends. I have a little test that must pass my careful scrutiny when I get clear on a goal here is that test-

Am I telling this person my goal to impress them or just be talking or am I telling this person because they are someone who might be able to help me accomplish this?

My goal is for it to be the latter in all cases. I may not be perfect at this but I sure as hell aspire to it.

I have a friend John Aruzian in Vegas who I have mentioned before in this blog. He is as sharp as they come, has a keen eye for a good deal, and knows how to live. I was there to be on his wife’s radio show and he mentioned to me a Cadillac he had seen that was a 1996 Champagne Fleetwood Brougham.

After admiring her car in a parking lot she mentioned to him that she could possibly be interested in selling the car. John wanted me to see it so while I was there we met her at the local Trader Vic’s and I saw the car first hand. It is big, elegant, and just the kind of car they don’t make anymore. She kept it in a garage and only drove it on average 4000 miles a year. So the car only had 62,000 miles on it. She also kept all the maintenance up to date.

I was impressed with the car and she asked me to make her an offer, but I had no idea what it was worth. So we exchanged information to talk at a later date.

I did a little research on the car and made her an offer, she said it was too low and that was that. Two weeks later John called me and said that she had called and now agreed to my offer. Something I learned from the Russians- patience. So now it’s on and I have enough time to arrange a cheap flight to Vegas and drive this thing back.

I present it to my Mom as she’s savvy and also has a keen eye for a good deal, and she expressed to me that she wanted the car. I have done this so many times before when I wanted a Gibson Les Paul I willed it into my life, Kei’s restaurant, my black male German Shepherd, my cat, and mostly my beloved car.

I never got too caught up in all of the hoopla with stuff like that book The Secret. All that’s a little fluffy for me. I like a more direct, real world approach. Get damn clear on what you want and get up and move in that direction every day until you have it. Release your attachment to it and just do the work.

Here is the car:

I have to tell you when we got to Vegas the acquisition of this car was like something out of a Bond movie. The owner of this vehicle lived in a gated community called Spanish Trails in Tropicano. Her name is Persia and she’s half Turkish and half German. Her husband was kind of a modern day James Bond and had passed in 2010. He was in the Secret Service and attended to President Nixon’s detail as well as Reagan, and George H Bush. The prestige of those appointments led to Howard Hughes hiring him as head of his security detail. This is why they were based in Las Vegas. He even led an expedition to find Amelia Earhart and had a very interesting theory as to her disappearance. How cool is that?

I am glad driving this thing is like driving a couch down the highway. It took three days to get it to Houston. One big long haul straight down I-10 pretty much along the way. I used the time wisely to finally write my book “The Invisible Guitar.” This is another thing that has to do a lot with intention in my life. I intend to use my time wisely as I have mentioned before-

Time is the one true thing we only have limited amounts of.

For years I have used time in the car as my own personal university. Learning languages, learning to sing. The voice is just a muscle. The more you use it the more flexible it becomes. Listening to books on tape is also one of my favorite habits that I have nurtured to use my time wisely. Once I arrived in Houston I delivered the car to my folks and took them for a ride. We had to clean out the garage as well to make it fit. The damn car is long.

To my delight my best friend Chris Sacco’s Mom Antoinette was cruising the neighborhood making her rounds and saw the Cadillac. Being Italian and loving life she has a keen eye for these kinds of things as well. It’s funny it does look just like the car in that movie with Robert Deniro- Casino.

I hear this animated “Eric, you bought your Mother a Cadillac! Oh my God look at that thing! It’s beautiful! Only you could pull something like this off!” It was flattering and my Mom and Dad I think kind of realized in that moment to have a sense of humor about all this and to allow themselves to enjoy it as they deserve it.

So to make a long story short you don’t need to buy The Secret. The big ruse in all of this is that there is no secret. Just get clear on what the hell you want and then go get it. Here are the Moms chilling at Jimmy’s Ice House and having a beer after the inaugural ride in her new car.

I felt like Elvis getting his Mom a Cadillac. Love your parents while you’ve got em. Life is too short to be spent in the company of morons.

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