The most important appointment you’ll have each day

March 24th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning, I put both my feet on the floor and I walk over to the mirror, look myself straight in the eyes and say

“I love you Eric.”

I learned this little lesson from a woman with a gigantic heart and even bigger message, Louise Hay. You should check her out. She is a pioneer in the field of healing and wrote the book on it called: You can Heal Your Life
It sold well over seven million copies. That’s a lot of books.

She coined the term “dis-ease”. You might want to think about this, this is profound.

The word disease means dis-ease.

You are not at ease. You are anxious, depressed, scared, worried, envious, or whatever other laundry list of negative terms we can conjure up. Your thought patterns have your body, which is a print out of your mind, in a state that is not at ease.

This is exactly why the most important appointment of the day is the one I have with myself, to remind me, all be it with a sense of humor, to believe in myself. If you love yourself, you believe in yourself. The word believe is translated from the latin confido meaning to trust, to have confidence, to believe. In the moment, right there, looking into your eyes it’s impossible to be in a state of dis-ease.

There’s an old saying: “The day the man found the mirror is the day he lost his soul.” There is some wisdom in that, and I see where its coming from, the world is full of narcissists, however I think believing in oneself is the most important gift you can give yourself. It truly is the gift that keeps giving, because when you believe in yourself, you love yourself. Which means you believe in love, and are real, spontaneous, open, and vulnerable when need be.

This is why this appointment sets the tone for the entire day. You have appointments with everybody else, why not have one with yourself?

You have to go to work, you have to go to the dentist, you have to pick up the kids, you have to go to the tax office. All these things are important, and I realize they must be done. Trust me they will be done in a much more effective manner if and when you take the time.I want to emphasize time. Mark Cuban hammered home this point quite eloquently in his last blog entitled “Don’t follow your passion, follow your effort.” He stated “Time is the most valuable asset you do not own.”

The only thing that happens when you wait for anything is that you get older.

That’s true and besides time the most valuable asset you have is yourself. Visualize the positive energy, and love each person carries as filling up a sort of personal cup. If you take care to make sure your cup of love for yourself is full, it will consequently overflow, extending outwards to the people around you.

Carpe Diem

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