The Making of the Words of a Song Video

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You’ve probably heard me say- If your dream is big enough that you can do it by yourself its probably not big enough. You’ve also probably heard me say- You are the five people you hang around the most. It’s funny how what you believe in life manifests itself all around you. I knew it was time to create a video that would tell the story behind one of my songs.

We did a little innocent focus group with the public to get some honest feedback on which of my songs would be the best candidate.

It’s hard sometimes to evaluate your own art.

Now that I look back at this video and how we pulled it off there is no way it could’ve been done without the entire team we built around this project.

This all started by me driving down to Austin and meeting with director Mickey Cevallos in his office. From there I played him a rough draft of the song. I then pictured a female background vocal enhancing the track. My good friend photographer James Bland introduced me to John Mellencamp’s back up singer Pat Peterson. I called her up, she heard the track, liked it and was on board. I had Grammy award winner Eric Delegard mix it. Then I had Bernie Grundman master it. All the guys in my band- Tex Bosely, Clark Erickson, and Elliot Morgan played great on the track and went back and forth to Austin with me to film scene after scene.

Mickey’s entire staff of Gilbert, Vera, and Jazz were invaluable in helping us on location. Robert Lopez and the staff at Bull Films brought the chopper camera from San Antonio. Melissa my assistant went back and forth with me from Austin and ended up being perfectly cast into the video. Brent Watson let me crash on his couch time after time after so many long days in Austin. His brother Brad snapped some incredible behind the scenes photos.

How’s that for a mastermind group? Fifteen people and a years worth of envisioning, scheming, location scouting, clothes shopping, and carefully watching the weather and we were finally able to pull this off. Here’s a shot of Mickey the director of our video shooting some time lapse photography over the bridge. He’s got some cajones sitting on the ledge like that.

It’s my hope that anyone who hears this song and watches this video will realize the point of power is always in the present. Get real clear on what you want to do and those who can help you achieve your goal will arrive.

I wrote this song from the perspective of God. If you listen to the opening words- “When people sing I will dance, into the earth in a trance, I travel far and emerge in the words of a song” you will notice it is kind of a riddle. A subtle “Who am I?” We derive the word music from the Greek term muses. The Greeks believed that muses were angels that sent music to us. In a sense I can relate to that. When I look back to all the music I’ve written its like I am a receiver on a radio dial. If I show up and spend time and sit there at my piano each day every once in a while I get rewarded for my tenacity. Woody Allen once said that “80% of success is showing up”

I love the work of Joseph Campbell and I visited his grave when I was in Hawaii. I completed this song a short time after. His work was the inspiration for this song.

The meaning behind this song is to follow your bliss, and be alive and in the moment. If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. You must believe in yourself when no one else does. When you are presented with obstacles in life, these obstacles are best overcome by searching within, listening to your inner voice, and being true to yourself. The night is always darkest before the dawn. No matter what obstacle you are faced with in life it is essential to realize that you are not alone. This is the amazing power of music. What ever experience you are dealing with, somewhere someone has written, or is writing a song that can be related to your own individual struggle. This translates the awesome powerful feeling of unity among us that can be shared through artistic expression. The quality of your life is in the quality of your relationships. I am the luckiest person in the world in this regard. I’ve known Mickey for twenty years and we’ve always been friends and stayed in touch. It was just a matter of time until we did something of this magnitude. We are just getting started and it wont be long till he makes a movie and I compose the soundtrack. Stay tuned and even more importantly stay in tune with your friends.

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  2. By Sharon on May 16, 2012

    I love this song and the video. Well done, Eric. I am so proud of who you are and how you helped my son.

    Adam’s mom.

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