The Hero & The Coward

May 4th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

“The Hero and the Coward both feel the same thing.

But the Hero uses uses his or her fear, projects it onto his opponent.

While the Coward runs, it’s the same thing, Fear.

But it’s what you do with it that matters.”

These are the wise words of Cus’ D’ Amato, Mike Tyson’s mentor and trainer.

Regardless of what you think of Mike Tyson when his career began, it began with Cus in his corner.

Cus discovered Mike as a troubled youth and took him in to his gym
and focused him and showed him how to channel his fears onto his opponent in exactly this way.

If you watch any of Mike Tyson’s early boxing matches he was devastating.

The fights were over before they ever started. The opponent didn’t seem to even matter.

Then something sad happened, Cus died and the vultures stepped in and Mike lost focus.

People like Don King started showing up and the downward spiral began and Mike lost everything.

There is an excellent Talk Show host in Canada “George Stroumboulopoulos” that I love.

After an interview on his show Bono said that George was the best interview he had ever had.

I saw an interview on George’s show where he sat down with Tony Robbins motivational coach.

George asked Tony who has met some amazing people like; Mother Teresa, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, counseled 2 U.S. Presidents and scores of other world leaders.

Who was the most surprising person you ever worked with?

Tony scratched his chin for a moment, leaned back and said;

“Mike Tyson”

This should have surprised me but it didn’t, because I know Mike’s history.

Tony mentioned that Mike is so well read and has such a good heart.

Tony was a major help to me years ago when I had just arrived in College.
He wasn’t as high profile of a man as he is now but he already was the best at change.

I attended a workshop he held in Dallas/FW at the Airport hotel and it changed me life.
I learned so much from him I am simply grateful.

In Mike Tyson’s case his entire life he got love by fighting so when people took advantage of him he just snapped.

So think about your focus in your time with yourself, make sure you are grounded and following your heart.

I like to say “Embrace the ugly baby”

Keep your expectations high. Remember, “people rise to the level of expectations”

When your life doesn’t match your expectations, you are going to be in pain.

Much Love,


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