“The Dog that Barks, does not bite!”

January 21st, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

We have a saying in the music business; “The Dog that barks, does not bite”

I have been “hyper-aware” of this in my own life since my early teens and even in high school.
I used to hang out at the “smoking area” in my high school. Can you believe we had a “smoking area?”

I didn’t smoke but that was was where a lot of the “cool people” hung out. All the wanna-be rockers and the Theatre students and etc. I was a bit of an introvert in high school and I was fairly shy. This worked to my advantage eventually because I did a lot of listening. I remember this one kid named Robbie Hughes that had the gift of gab. He was always telling everyone how many guitars he had and how he had three Marshall Stacks and etc. He also always had some “record deal” that was fixing to happen on the horizon as well as tours and blah blah.

Now given the fact that he did all this talking and he was pretty good at it he had a little following. I just always noticed that whenever there was a guitar around he wouldn’t play it. He couldn’t he was all talk.

Social proof is the way to come from the heart and develop your brand and identity. Especially in the Arts. When is the last time Eddie Van Halen told you he was a great guitar player?

He doesn’t need to, the writing is on the wall. When is the last time Rickson Gracie told you what a great fighter he is? Same principle, He is busy doing rather than talking about it.

What is profound is this: When you talk about what you are going to do; you dilute your “psychic pressure” to do it.

Talk is Cheap.

Here is a nice little parable that I memorized years ago that reinforces this trait in me:

“When you visualize birds coming to swim in your bird bath, don’t scare them off by talking to loudly. Observe, remain silent and even more birds will come.”

There are times when it is a great idea to talk about what you want to do. Do this with someone that can help you. Like a family member or a mentor or teacher. Here is a little filter you can run something through to calibrate whether or not you are in fact “diluting your psychic pressure”

Ask yourself: “Am I telling this person this to impress them or get validation? Or am I telling them because they could help me reach my goal?”

That is a great question to ask, and I believe deeply that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your questions you ask on a daily basis.

Try this one;

Anytime you are about to say anything to anybody ask yourself, “Am I saying this from Love or Fear?”

Furthermore in your actions ask, “Am I doing this from Love or Fear?”

I believe humans doing everything that they do for one of two reasons;

1. To either avoid pain


2. Gain pleasure

It’s amazing how simple this principle can be. You can look at it this way as well;

Humans do what they do either from fear or love

Let’s look at a few examples:

Jealousy? obviously fear, fear of loss or inadequacy.

Revenge? once again screams of fear and misunderstanding.

Hate? obviously fear

Acceptance? There’s a good one, accepting someone exactly as they are with all there faults and little imperfections and not wanting to change them in any way? That sounds like love to me…

That’s the way I feel about music and food and art. Of course there are some things I prefer over others that’s just being human. But at the end of the day…

Who am I to judge anybody?

Who am I to call someone else’s noise “noise”

I like to say; “There is a field beyond right and wrong, I will meet you there”

Reminds me of one of my favorite Frank Zappa albums “Shutup and Play your guitar!”

Until next time,

Just do it!


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