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April 11th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Here is a little update from the Hilton in Austin.

Blowfly held court at Emos last night and funked Austin up.

The tour through Texas is being filmed by a crew from NY for a film called

“The Weird World of Blowfly”

This whole thing has been one of the weirder experiences in my life. I even shared a hotel room with Blowfly himself last evening. Most of my friends in Austin showed up and it was a blast.

Once again it is very “wyrrd” to be hanging out with a guy whose records I listened to as a kid.
This scenario has repeated itself over and over so it cements my belief in doing what you love.

It is amazing to see Blowfly call out someone from the audience and see them blush and giggle as he curses them and how it is all done with the panache and grace of a seasoned comedian.

Billy Nunn the keyboardist from Rick James band last gig was the Austin show and he flew back to Vegas this morning. Made a great friend and connection there with a cool cat. I learned more about songwriting with him just chatting over drinks than ever I have in all my music education.

He showed me how he wrote the hook for “Mary Jane” and it was so simple.

When you have those “aha” moments it is always so simple.

Don’t over think things.

When you think long, you think wrong.

I look forward to working with Billy on a future CD.

All the best and have a great Easter.

Much Love,


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