Stepping up to the plate of Life

July 9th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

I had my beloved Seafoam Green birdseye maple necked Fender Stratocaster guitar in my hands yesterday from 10 AM to 11 PM. It is normal for me to to do 5 hours a day.

This was crazy: 7 hours of teaching, 2 hours rehearsing and 2 hours recording solos in the studio.

All so I can go home today for the most important cause of all. I have the first blood blister on my LH ring finger since my notorious high school practice sessions! That’s why I haven’t called or written anyone back. ♥

My mom has had some major challenges with her health so I am going home to make some major decisions for her and make sure she has the best care.

I am never sick and when I say never I mean never.

I had perfect attendance all throughout elementary school through Junior High.

This was because of my Mom, she never would let me stay home so I learned that illness would not benefit me in anyway. The only reason I broke my attendance streak in High School was because I had a car and could skip without her knowing my junior and senior year.

Be careful with Doctors and I mean very careful.

Don’t get me wrong they have good intentions. Our healthcare system is based on one thing here and I don’t need to tell you what that is, but I will;


That is why it is such a mess, It should be the other way around;

People first, money second.

I know that doctors get into the profession for the right reasons it’s just once you are caught up in the system and paying loans for years of medical school and to carry malpractice insurance it becomes a massive cross to bear.

Do you know what the life expectancy of a doctor is?

56 years

Not very impressive is it? Look it up. I have and the research is disturbing.

Furthermore do you know what the average time spent with a patient is?

Under 5 minutes.

Sad Sad Sad.

It’s a mess, Doctors are so busy pulling people out of the water to keep them from drowning.

They never go up the river to see who is throwing them in the water in the first place.

You can rest assured the doctors that I will find for my mother will break this mold.

My screening process is infinitely geared toward finding someone that will treat the person not the symptoms.

I will accept nothing less and make sure to always do the same for yourself and your loved ones.

I surprised myself at the studio last night with my guitar playing. My friend Heather was here from Vegas and she is an avid lover of music. I am glad she went with me, her Dad has been a great mentor to me and it felt good to just jam last night.

They say music is what our emotions sound like and I believe that. I am going through all kinds of emotions now and it makes it easy to play guitar.

Stay tuned a lot on the horizon.

Much Much Much Love,


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