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Yesterday I went by myself to see the movie “It Might Get Loud”

Go see it, it was spectacular and inspiring and incredibly revealing.

It is a documentary on Jimmy Page, The Edge from U2 and Jack White.

I also had a chance to watch “Tyson” a documentary by James Toback.


What an amazing story and what a great man his original trainer Constantine D’amato was.

Mike Tyson is a prime example of how the media in this country distorts the truth and spins it.

Even I had some stupid pre-conceived notions about Mike and I have never met him.
What brought me around is Tony Robbins who I have met several times was asked by Canadian talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos:

“Who is the most amazing person you have ever met”

That’s a great question to ask Tony as he has met some amazing people. He has worked with Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Bill Clinton and scores of others.

I heard Bono from U2 mention that his interview with George was the best he had ever done.

So George asks some great questions.

Tony’s reply was quick and decisive and very pointed, he said:

“Without a doubt Mike Tyson”

Watch the movie, you will see what I mean.

I interviewed Erotic film star Luc Wylder for the Lion’s Den last week. It was refreshing to hear such honesty and to talk to someone so real. We live in a state full of Wholesome Pretenders and Erotic Hypocrites. The one exception in our state is Austin. Austin is weird and about the only “loophole” in the bible belt. Luc is a member of the Free Speech Coalition, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and a supporting member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Luc is also a great businessman and a pioneer in e-commerce on the internet.

The average person tells 3 lies every ten minutes in conversation. We live in a nation of liars.

Professor Benjamin Edelman of The Harvard Business School published a study of Anonymised Credit Card receipts from a major online adult entertainment provider. He found the most conservative states with the most conservative laws were the ones downloading the most porn.

Look up the study and read it, I did, just google Professor Benjamin Edelman.

Once again the most outraged turn out to be the consumers of the very thing they are outraged by. I love challenging hypocrites and I do it every time I get the chance.

Cut up all your credit cards. Then go get a hundred dollar bill at your bank.

If you don’t have a hundred dollars, save up till you do and go get a single hundred dollar bill.

Put it in your wallet or your purse and never break it or spend it. Just keep it on you at all times.

You will never be broke…

Plus you will teach yourself in a clever way to control your spending.
Any money you have above the hundred dollar bill you can spend as you wish. When you get down to where you have spent all your extra cash and you see the hundred dollar bill is all you have left. That’s it, flex your financial muscle at that time and exercise restraint.

This is a great principle and incredibly empowering after you get a few weeks of doing this under your belt.

Save all of your $5 dollar bills. When you get a five; stick it in a different pocket. Stuff it in your safe or a mattress. Hell even open a separate bank account just for $5 dollar bills.

I learned this from a waitress friend of mine that did this in college. She is kind of OCD about things and when she starts something she sticks to it.

She put all of her 5 dollar bills aside and each week she deposited them in a savings account at her bank. She purposely asked the bank not to mail her statements and she never checked the balance. When she graduated from College 3 years after she started doing this she had over $15,000 dollars in that account.

She cried when she told me.

They were tears of Joy.

Much Love,


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