Riddle Me This – Eden

Creatively guided by Eric Keyes and Paul Schmaus, Riddle Me This features an eclectic style on record and on stage. Visual images of 70’s icons will fill your eyes and mind. Their new cd, “Eden” captures the bands unique covers of old classics like “Eye in the Sky” and “Godzilla” as well as the creative humor of the original song “Bald Fade” and the mystery of “Eden”

If you are a musical fan that drifts with whatever the media sells you that is supposedly new and good, then RmT is not for you. However if you are a true music fan that carries your past favorites in your record collection with your cd’s, then RmT is exactly what you are looking for.


1. Eden
2. Eye in the Sky
3. Ball Fade
4. Why
5. Amy
6. Godzilla
7. Al Kaholic
8. The Work Song
9. Anthem
10. I’m A Cow
11. Get To Know You
12. Merkin Wig


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