Rise and Shine

June 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

When I was first starting in College I was given the book Rhinoceros Success by a gentleman that put on a seminar I went to called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. I loved the book, it was a simple easy read and very funny. I wrote Scott Alexander the author and he wrote me back and asked me to send him 5 of my debut Riddle Me This CD’s so he could carry it at his store in Laguna Hills California. It was my first order from CA and I was in business.

I still have the postcard and I keep it in my office.

Here’s a photo of both sides, Scott had these cards printed in 1985

I consider Scott a friend and I reciprocated and bought a lot of his books over the last 20 years and give them to my friends when they need a lift.

I still stay in touch with him from time to time and plan on inviting him to dinner when I go out to Los Angeles later this month.

I learned so much from the book and also how reaching out to important people works magic in so many different ways. It’s the genesis of marketing.

You already know everyone you need to know, you are just ignoring them.

You are not going to meet anybody new on Social Media or some celebrity is not going to make or break you. You have to forge relationships with real authentic communication and stay in touch to be effective. Here is the best thing I learned from Rhinoceros Success:

Get up early, that’s what Rhino’s do. In fact that is what all “non herd” species do. Lions, Tigers, Eagles and Rhino’s do not travel in herds and they get up early. When I made all these changes 2 years ago I started getting up everyday at 5:30. I have always been an early riser say 8 o’clock or so. But after a friend told me I was a “thoroughbred horse giving pony rides” something magical happened.

I started waking up everyday at 5:30. No alarm; nothing. I couldn’t even explain it, Hell I still can’t and I don’t care to anymore.

That get’s to today’s point.

Today on June the 6th of 2012 I woke up at 5 AM sharp. I could not go back to bed and I did not want to. I realized today at 11:30 AM, I had already completed an entire workday at that point. In fact I think this has been the most productive day of my life at this point.
By the time most people were just getting started I had already done all this:

I woke up at 5 AM and listened to a 30 minute recording of my favorite life changing affirmations. I recorded them in my own voice so that my inner dialogue is looping through my head in a familiar sound, my own voice.

At 5:30 I brushed my teeth and shaved and got in the shower and took an awesome warm shower that woke me up even more.

At 6 AM when I was finished I got 4 organic farm raised eggs out of my fridge. I went out into my backyard and gave 2 of them to Adelulf my beloved Black German Shepard. He loves eggs.

I came inside and got some fennel out of the fridge, chopped up the bulb finely. I then did the same with some dill. I took my two eggs, cracked them in a bowl and added the dill and whipped them up so I could make an omelet. I put some fresh coconut oil in my iron skillet and sauteed the fennel. When it was translucent I added the eggs and dill. In 5 minutes I had a perfect Fennel with Dill Omelet.

I washed what few dishes that created and sat down and enjoyed the omelet.

Then I jumped in my car and went to Starbucks to get a cup of bold coffee plain. I brought my computer with me and I did sentence completions by renowned psychiatrist Nathaniel Branden. They are self esteem exercise and very powerful. He was a colleague of another favorite author of mine Ayn Rand.

After I completed those, I read a chapter from the book “Identity” by Stedman Graham.

Then I came home and sat down at my piano and sang for an hour.

Then I played my guitar for an hour. At this point it was only 9 AM

I went back home and chopped a gigantic Oak limb that fell in my yard from the storm so I could use it for firewood in my smoker for the game tonight if needed.

Then I topped of my Koi ponds with water and fed the fish. Then I went inside and fed my cat.

Then I went back out in the yard and mowed the grass, front and back.

Then I did 10 pullups.

Then I went to the bank and did a few errands and went to the bakery to buy these awesome gluten flour free Chocolate Macaroon with Pecan cookies. Stopped by the grocery store on the way home and at this point it was 11:30 P.M.

I looked at my watch and said “Damn Eric” you are a rhino.

I still have a full day ahead of me and I only work mentoring music students from 4-8 P.M. today.

I am typing this blog at 3:45 P.M. and am almost finished :-)

From 2-4 P.M. today I did correspondence in my office doing e-mails and phone calls out on the West Coast.

Time to meet with my client’s so I got to go :-)

BTW after music sessions I am going to watch the Spurs game and BBQ and drink a few beers with friends.

Also, I do not go to bed early, usually round midnight or 1.

I can’t explain it, I am just doing what feels right and so good.

On with the fun and be a RHINO. Rise and Shine takes on a new meaning when you rise at 5 AM. The sun is not shining yet, but you are :-)

Life is too short to be in the company of Morons.

Much Love and take Charge


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