Riddle Me This – Trademark

The songs vary in range from the catchy-pop feel of “Get to Know You” and “Why”, to the ecclectic sounds of “Dill” and “Surf Tune”, to the International flavors “Macbar Techno,” “Breaking the Law” (the Judas Priest cover), and “La Llorona.” And of course, no true rock n roll CD would be complete without a beer-drinking polka, “No Beer Today.”


1. Get To Know You Listen Listen
2. Dill Listen Listen
3. La Llorona Listen Listen
4. Macbar Techno Listen Listen
5. No Beer Today Listen Listen
6. Why Listen
7. Breaking the Law Listen
8. Surf Tune


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  2. By Paul on Apr 11, 2009

    Wow! This takes me back to the good old days. I was at Bill’s Records and Tapes, now next to the Palladium Ballroom(where the International Association for Persons With Elephantitus of the Testicles holds their annual Pancake Breakfast Awareness Fundraiser), and they still have a few of the RmT debut CD, ‘Merkin Wig’, along with the first pressings of ‘Trademark’, which features alternative artwork on the back and spines. RmT is located in Bill’s ‘Rare Local’ section. I got a few cuz I can’t find the ones I had. Get one here, then get the extremely rare first edition at Bill’s.
    Get ‘Eden’, the third in the RmT catalogue, a very hard to find gem, and my favorite of the three we recorded back in the good old days. -Paul-Bass, vocals, some guitars, and co-writer with Eric when in RmT.

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