Old men are cool part II

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It was icy here in North Texas the last few days and the people here “freak out” when that happens!

It is funny because it wasn’t very bad at all, but nonetheless when it happens they shut down all the colleges, local schools and many businesses as well. So with a little spare time on our hands me and my girlfriend went to go see the movie “Gran Torino”

Wow! What a great movie, when I wrote my post “Old Men are Cool” A few months ago I was thinking about Clint quite a bit. I just never mentioned him in the blog. Here’s a guy that is a shining example of everything that an Oak Tree embodies. He is stoic and steady and continues to evolve and grow and produce an extremely high quality body of work. He listens to Jazz, contributes to society through participation in politics, charity work and activism and all the while he is 78 years young?

I won’t go into much of the details of the flick here so just trust me GO SEE IT!

Clint plays a retired Ford automobile factory worker that loses his wife and is a bit of a curmudgeon.
He has on old Ford Pick Up truck and a beautiful spotless mint Ford Gran Torino that he cherishes.

Clint’s neighbors in the movie are Hmong immigrants from Vietnam. The youngest boy in the family Thao has no strong father figure to look up to so he is being raised by his Grandmother, Mom and sisters. This leaves him susceptible to the influence of an older cousin that is in a gang and doing nothing. Just basically riding around all day starting trouble like kids with no direction do.

They decide Thao should join their gang and the come up with the great idea of having him steal Clint’s Gran Torino as his initiation. Clint wrote and produced this movie and I will leave it that. This film is a brilliant testimony to hard work, redemption and empathy. Characteristics that are very foreign to an entire generation of our culture.

What I like about this picture is that it is far from “politically correct” Political Correctness is the biggest load of horseshit ever fed this country. You have to fight and claw your way here and it is not always easy. One of my favorite television shows growing up was “Sanford and Son”

Every race and I mean everyone was made fun of on that show. It was funny and we could laugh at the absurdity of it because we are all in the same boat. There were “cracker’s”, “kike’s”, “spooks”, “wetbacks”, “chinks”, “gooks”, “wops”,”dego’s” and etc.

You earn respect for yourself by earning it and breaking the “stereotype” yourself. If you stay the course and fight hard enough and persevere, someone will recognize your moxie and help you.

This is why Larry Bird was such a role model to me growing up. He wasn’t the “Great White Hope”, in fact he loathed that label and he still does. He grew up working as a garbage man in French Lick Indiana and playing basketball at the park. He was always offended when an opposing team would have a white guy guard him. He wanted every opportunity to earn his stripes, I respect that.

This leads me to the subject I want to address today;

Fashion and or a lack thereof

One of the trends in male fashion today is what I call “saggy drawers” or on the street what is called “saggin”

Here is an example:

In the movie Gran Torino you will see some examples of this.

There has been a lot of negative press about this and I am not here to waste my time bantering on and on about that. Does it look stupid? Hell Yeah, I definitely think so, but who am I to judge anybody. I wear some fairly outrageous garb myself so I am sure some folks laugh at me as well.

What is more fascinating to me is the how the folks participating in this fashion trend have no knowledge of it’s origins or I doubt they even care. Like the sheep they “follow the herd” and are just trying to look cool. Remember “Everybody’s Hip, and that’s not Cool”

I have to tell you, no matter who you are you gotta question whether or not this looks cool;

One of the theories popping up on the internet as to the origin’s of “saggin” is that when you are in jail “saggin” is a sign that you are “a bitch” and sexually available for prisoners as their “girlfriend”
You are signaling to your fellow prisoners that you are “available sexually” so you “drop your drawers” to signal that.

I laughed hysterically when I read this as it is very funny, however sadly as I suspected; this is entirely too good to be true. I looked into it and while the origins of “saggin” are from prison just not as an invitation for “prison sex”.

In jail you are often given over sized clothes because they have kind of a “one size fits all” mentality. Prisoners are also not given belts or rope to deter depressed prisoners from hanging themselves. Also it discourages prisoners from running because you have to keep pulling your pants up and it makes it hard to escape. So we have established that the origins of this fashion trend has it roots in prison.

Why in the hell would anybody in their right mind want to imitate that?

That’s what I am getting at; why is that something to look up to?

Years ago I was watching this HBO special where they had this clown and I mean an idiot to the 9,000th degree. He let a documentary film crew film him where he paid these guys to shoot him in the shoulder where the wound would not be lethal at a warehouse. The anonymous shooters then called the ambulance for this “wigga” so he could have the ambulance take him to the hospital.

He did all of this and saved up the money to get “shot” just so he could say he had been shot.

He could say he had a “cap popped” on him. I wonder what the buffoons he was trying to impress would say if they knew he had paid someone to shoot him. At least “Vanilla Ice” just made up the stories that he had been shot and stabbed.

I get the whole valor of war wounds and battle scars. Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said about that. Great timber does not grow with ease. The sad fact is we ignore Vietnam Vets and all the Gulf War veterans and idolize “Tupac” and “Biggie” cuz they got shot?

Let me ask you this; how noble is the cause they got shot for? I would argue that the Vietnam War and Gulf War are not the most noble of pursuits either but Zeeeeeeeesh! how is getting a cap popped on you cool?

At least Tookie Williams R.I.P. or Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) were fighting their way out of the hood. I can tell you I doubt whether either one of those guys would tell you that being shot is something to aspire to. This was one of the prime directives of Stanley “Tookie” Williams work and books being nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize. he was teaching children not to look up to this shit.

No matter how hard you try you can’t polish a turd!

It just boils down to a lowering of standards. The pants are lowered along with their standards.
Even girls are caught up in this in their own way.
I am a man so I will be honest and admit it is a little easier to look at. But still silly in it’s own right.

Yes, the infamous “Whale Tail”

Here is nature’s example of Whale Tail:

I would much rather look at an elegant sexy woman like Sophia Loren and use my imagination as to what her panties will look like later. Rather than get “my whale tail on” and have nothing left to the imagination!

I am glad that Barak Obama won the popular vote and became our next president. I wanted Ron Paul to win but this country has a lot growing up to do before a statesman like Ron Paul, that does not kiss lobbyist ass, can win the presidency in this country. In Barack Obama we have an Eloquent, Charismatic, Articulate leader that gives young people and old alike in this country someone to look up to.

The fact that Obama is bi-racial gives people in this country something great to aspire to as well. The fact that he is a family man and seems to genuinely care about his family and his country. Bill Cosby (who I am a fan of) has long challenged what the black community considers “role models”

There is nothing cool about a “player” What is cool about having a bunch of “baby momma’s” with kids running around that you aren’t man enough to raise? A player is like a little baby that never grew up. He spent 9 months of his life getting out of the vagina and now he is spending the rest of his life trying to crawl back in it. A player? Sound’s like a little “punk-ass bitch” to me. Grow up and be a man.

Take responsibility! Here let me break down the word for you:

response-ability; (the ability to respond) to the situations that you manifest.

Barack did that and that is why he has been able to constantly grow and improve. he doesn’t run from responsibility. How many woman are attracted to these so called players as well? Now there is another sad subject, that alone would take several blogs for me to address. Hell that would take a book!

Barack is a man that represents a lot of hope and potential and does it with style and panache. I am sorry “Lil’ Wayne” you are funny and your music is a lot of fun to listen to. But you are not a role model.

I especially dig Obama’s new ride:

Man, that gives my “Interceptor” a run for it’s money!

I wanted to leave with some of my hero for the month of January “Clint Eastwood’s” words on fatherhood. A lot of folks disagree with older gentleman having children. I could not disagree more vehemently. Listen to Clint’s elegant words on such matters;

Eastwood, speaking in 2008 said of his fatherhood in his late seventies; “I’m a much better father now than when I was younger because then I was working all around the world and I was desperate to find the brass ring, so I worked constantly,” he reflected. “Now my daughter takes precedence over everything and, even though I’ve done a lot of work in the past year, I haven’t ignored her or not been involved in her school activities. I go to all the softball games and look ridiculous out there because almost everybody’s got a much younger father than me. But it’s fun. I think you appreciate everything a lot more when you get to my age. I never started out thinking I would have a big family but now it’s very important to me and family relationships take precedence over work”.

Well Spoken, thanks Clint…

Until next time,

Much Much Much Love,


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