Meet Lid-Beh!

May 26th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

I got a new cat and her name is “Lid-Beh”

She has been an absolute joy and brought a great energy to the empire.

Her name is pronounced “Lid-Buh” and if you say it right it will sound like you are saying;

“Elizabeth” in a very southern drawl.

I brought her in to deal with this pesky mouse that has eluded every kind of trap I set for him.
Of course now that “Lid-Beh” is here the mouse “Don’t come around here no more”
So she has already earned her keep in the fact that she is a “massive deterrent”

I purposely got a female as they are better hunters and less likely to spray than the males.

I busted her this morning “terrorizing” the paper towels.

Here is a crime scene photo where I caught her “red pawed”

I gave her a good talking to as you can see here:

Subsequently we made peace and she resumed to grooming herself. She likes to sit up in my hand in the funniest position and she is a very lovable, people friendly cat. This is a photo of her “assuming the position”:

I am doing my best to raise her right, however there have been some challenges:

I bought a scratch pole, yet she seems to think it is a stripper pole.

She constantly is doing all kinds of wild, provacative dancing around the pole in an attempt to elicit validation.

She “got out” the other night and stayed out till 6 in the morning. If this is acceptable behavior at 6 months I am in for a long ride.

And then there was this!!!

“Shacking Up” and sleeping with my good buddy who stayed on my couch after visiting from out of town. Now I got a kitty that is a ho’?

Oh well,

I love her anyway!

Here is a little video introduction to her:

Much Love,


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