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March 13th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

95% of all weight loss starts at the door of your mouth. It took me a long time to surrender to this. I came to the point where I was so frustrated with my fluctuating weight that I knew I had to make a drastic change.

It was time to get this figured out once and for all.

Growing up I was always a fan of the fitness guru Jack Lalanne.

I read an interview with Jack where he described in detail how he fasted one day a week. He would give his body a day off and on that day he would rest. It is hard to argue with the results and amazing life that Jack built. He was vibrant, energetic, and hilarious right till the last minute when he passed away 96 years young.

You could hire all the personal trainers you want, join all the gyms, run your ass off for an hour a day, and buy every ab machine there is and never be in shape.

How many times have you seen the same person at the gym for two years, and their body composition never changes? At first fasting is a real challenge, a challenge to your will power. When I started doing it the first thing I noticed is how incredible I felt the next morning. My tongue wasn’t coated, I wasn’t thirsty, and I felt very alert and lean.

Its generally accepted in the business world how profound the 80/20 principle is. If your not familiar with the 80/20 principle its a profound concept discovered by an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. 80% of the results in your life stem from 20% of your actions.

Over two years ago I applied this principle to what went in my mouth and what kind of exercise I engaged in.

I set a goal, because it is essential to have to have a target goal for weight loss. It is not hard to do this, just simply use a body mass index which you can find on Google. For example I am 6’2 and my ideal fighting weight is 185. Once I defined that goal utilizing the aforementioned principles I hit my target in four months, losing 45 pounds, and have maintained it with ease for three years.

Here’s how I did it:

Utilizing the 80/20 principle for body composition nothing went in my mouth that came out of a box, can or that had any kind of preservatives. In short if it had additives I did not eat it. That is how I got to my target weight. Once there I added carbohydrates back, but only as 20%. That way I could enjoy them when I am in the mood for them. Everything in moderation, including moderation. Look how fasting one day a week is exactly the 80/20 principle, Ill walk you through it. The average work week for an American is a 40 hour week, five days a week. One fifth of that, 20%, would be one day. If you give your body that day off from food, you have simply and elegantly applied the principle.

The question I was asked the most about losing the weight and keeping it off was, “Man, did you join a gym? You look like you’ve been working out.” Far from it. I don’t like jogging. I definitely don’t like joining gyms. The techno music is atrocious and I swear everyone in those places is out of shape. Whenever I meet a personal trainer I always ask him to do a handstand. I haven’t met one yet that can do it.

I decided to apply the 80/20 principle to exercise as well. I walk my German Shepard one hour a day, then I work out for 20 minutes, doing body weight exercises where my body is my own gym three times a week. For example one day Ill do thirty pull ups. A complete full upper body work out that is extremely effective, and can save your life. Day two Ill do a hundred pushups, or to exhaustion. Then day three I might lift some weights or just do some yoga poses. Its all you really need to do, and you’ll look and feel great. And there’s nothing like looking and feeling great.

Make your fast day your day. It is all about you, and you owe it to yourself. Who is more important than you? When you truly love yourself you bring that dynamic and presence and add value to a relationship. I hope this helps you, and feel free to email me with any questions you may have.



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