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December 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

2012 was one hell of a year. I imagine you must feel the same. With all that has happened I look back and a few days ago seems like forever. Like I have said before, that’s when you know you’re living. In the last two weeks, this is all that happened:

1. I got my parents a Cadillac. It’s all official. Here is my Dad securing the Lone Star State Texas plates to their damn near mint condition 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. They don’t make cars like this anymore and they don’t make parents like mine anymore, so it is a match made in heaven.

2. Played a great set with the band at the Beale Street Tavern-

The Beale Street Tavern
214-B East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 494-6078

We were happy to return to Beale Street. It is an awesome venue with great servers and staff and killer margaritas.

3. I met my birth Mother. It’s a long story so it will have to be a post on it’s own. As many of you know I was adopted into a great loving family. My parents were the perfect set of parents and I was very lucky that they chose me. However, I have a wyrrd take that is a little unconventional on this life on earth. I believe when we are in the spirit world we make a conscious choice to incarnate on this plane and work on our spiritual evolution. I also believe we choose our parents. I have no proof of this, I don’t even know of a religion or spiritual doctrine that adheres to this, I just know it and I always have even as a child I was aware of this.

When I read in Louise Hay’s wonderful book You can Heal Your Life
that she believed the same thing it was no surprise and I completely agree with her. After this amazing discovery that Antoinette, my birth mother who gave me up for adoption, found me one of my friends said “Well there goes your theory about choosing your parents.” I immediately chimed in “Oh no, all this does is solidify my theory even more.” A compassionate spirit looking to work on it’s spiritual evolution would be aware of the perfect mother in proximity of an also perfect mother that couldn’t have babies and was wanting to adopt. You see the stars have to align sometimes in a certain way for magical things to happen.

I met Antoinette last Friday for the first time along with her other son Jimmy who is three years younger than me. What a joy that both were amazing to meet and great people. We all have a lot of challenges in life and an easy life teaches nothing. We have a lot of catching up to do and you can be sure I told my adoptive parents about all this. Life is an open book and it’s most important to be real and authentic. I mean it when I say-

How you do anything is how you do everything.

To show the character of Antoinette she said to be sure and thank my adoptive Mom for doing such a great job raising me. Isn’t that cool? Here is a picture of me at our first meeting along with her other son Jimmy.

Here is another cool picture of me and Jimmy.

4. I grew up in Houston the largest city in Texas. My father is an avid salt water fisherman and I was raised on a diet of Speckled Trout, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Mackerel, Shrimp, Oysters, and Crab ten minutes after it was caught. So early on I developed a sharp pallet for quality food especially sea food. Because of it’s proximity to the Gulf, Houston has some of the best restaurants around. Next time you are there I recommend the BBQ Inn.

The `best things in life are simple and the BBQ Inn understands that. They are closed on Sunday and they are closed on Monday. Rest of the week lunch and dinner is packed. The salad there is mind blowingly simple. I get it with the Bleu Cheese Dressing that they must make in house. Besides that it’s just tomatoes and this crazy crisp ice berg lettuce served at the perfect temperature. Look at this thing

116 West Crosstimbers Road
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 695-8112

Restaurants that stand the test of time have no problem being attached to an era. BBQ Inn is a living example of that. It’s a classic and you feel so welcome there. All the employees have been working there forever. The fried chicken has been cooked by the same chef for 45 years. The restaurant was started by Louis and Nell Skrehot in 1946. Three generations of the Skrehot family continue their tradition of quality to this day. The coolest thing about this restaurant is they close up for two weeks so all the employees have a vacation. You will fall in love with this place, I guarantee it, especially after you try the fried shrimp pictured below.

All the best, and here’s to a great 2013.

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