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My parent’s never cease to surprise me.

I remember being home a few years ago and my Mom had acquired these 2 lemon trees.

They were little things and they were in a bucket. She tried to give me one but I was hesitant.

I live in Denton, which is 5 hours North of Houston (where they live) and it gets cold here alot.

I tried having a few palm trees here to no avail, so a lemon tree would go over like a Led Zeppelin here. So I go home and I am talking a walk with my Mom in the backyard and I see this:

and this:

None of this should surprise as these are the same parents that used to bring “cow patties” home from my grandmother’s house and till them into the garden. Growing up we had cucumbers, squash, carrots, kohlrabi, watermelon, satsuma oranges, figs, pecans, and everything else you can imagine growing in my folks backyard. My dad even had blackberry bushes all over the fences in the backyard and he would make wine from the blackberries.

Here is a picture of my Mom 76 years young with her Lemon tree that seems to be on “steroids”

Look at the size of this thing:

Here it is next to a Becks bottle:

Here is a great recipe for Lemonade in the summer.

1 Cup of distilled water

Juice of one full lemon fresh squeezed
(If using one of my mom’s crazy lemons, make a pitcher)

1 Tablespoon of Certified Organic Grade B Maple Syrup.
(My favorite is Shady Maple Farms from Canada. This is a natural slow releasing sugar that is excellent for you.)

I like to add a dash of cayenne pepper to mine. Just a dash as it spices it up. The cayenne pepper is excellent for your bloodstream and will loosen up mucus and remove plaque from your arteries.

This is what a lot of folks drink when they go on the Master Cleanse Diet. You could exist on this for up to 30 days if fasting; however I don’t do that. I just find the drink refreshing. For a year I did not eat on Mondays. I would just juice or drink this lemonade when I was hungry. You see the “slow releasing” Maple Syrup stabilizes your blood sugar and your body uses that for energy rather than eating your muscle tissue.

The challenge with water fasting is that the body starts to consume itself after a while. Jack Lalanne world renowned fitness expert has fasted one day a week for years. It is like giving the digestive system a day of rest and it is beneficial.

Jack is in his 90’s and a walking testimony to vibrancy and exceptional health.

Try giving your body a day off once a week and let me know how you like it.

Hell you have appointments with everybody else. Why not make one with yourself and give yourself a day of rest?

Instead of living from meal to meal that day and working. Relax, take a warm bath, read a book or play your guitar.

There is quite a bit of sound science behind calorie-reduction increasing the quality of life and the lifespan as well.They found that rats that were fed a constant supply of food basically ate themselves to death.

How many Americans are digging their graves with their teeth?

I remember when I was a kid my mom would always remind me not over feed the Goldfish. They will eat themselves to death if you let them. Humans aren’t much different without willpower.

Eating Loads and Loads of Junk and processed foods from plastic bags and bottles.

The rats that were fed the constant supply lived on average of 2-3 years.

Rats fed 3 meals a day made it from 4-5 years.

Rats fed twice a day lived a little longer 5-6 years.

And Rats fed once a day averaged 7-9 years, more than doubling the lifespan.

It is interesting because a “calorie” is a degree of heat and the more calories we eat the more energy we burn increasing the heat and breaking down our tissue and organs which eventually wear out from overeating.

So once again, “Everything in Moderation including moderation.”

Nancy Reagan former actress and wife of Ronald Reagan is a notoriously “small eater”
She has stayed relatively healthy well into her 80’s and has certainly aged gracefully.

May you do the same and Much Love!


P.S. If you live in the Houston area and you want to buy some amazing organic lemons; shoot me an e-mail. I will hook you up with my Mom!

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