How to be Happy:-)

February 12th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

There’s a Hindu legend that says we were all once
gods. But eventually we abused our powers.

Brahma, the chief god, decided to punish us by
taking away our divinity. Brahma called a meeting
of the other chief gods to figure out where to
hide our holiness.

One God suggested hiding it deep beneath the earth.
“No,” Brahma said, “man will just figure out a way to
tunnel miles below the surface.” Another God suggested hiding our
holiness at the bottom of the ocean. “No,” Brahma
responded, “man will just learn how to dive to the
seabed.” A third God came up with the idea of
placing our divinity on top of a towering
mountain. “No,” Brahma said, “man will just climb
every tall mountain on the planet until he finds it.”

Stumped, the other Gods told Brahma they
gave up… There didn’t seem to be any place to hide
our holiness and keep it out of our reach.

“Wait,” Brahma said with a smile. “I’ve got it.
We’ll hide man’s holiness deep within
himself-he’ll never think to look for it there.”

Since then, we’ve spent ages digging below the
earth, diving to the sea floor, and climbing tall
mountains, looking for something that’s already
within us.

I’ve met a lot of unhappy people in the course of
my life and you all have one thing in common…

You constantly search outside yourself for happiness.

When things get bad you convince yourself that
moving to a different city, changing jobs or
dating hotter women is the obvious answer.

But after making these changes, that familiar
restlessness feeling starts again. You’re stunned
to learn that wherever you go, whatever you do,
whatever you acquire and whomever you’re with
aren’t working. Your unhappiness has actually
followed you. In reality, there is no place to
hide…you’ll have to deal with it right now where
you are today. The good news is this means you
have the potential to be happy. The bad news is
your happiness is your own responsibility. You’re
the only one who can allow yourself to be happy.
No one and nothing else can do it for you. Not
even me.

So instead of rushing to leave this life behind by
moving out of town, leave this life behind by
dealing with it now and changing what you don’t
like about it. Then, if you decide you want an
adventure by moving to a new city you’ll be doing
it for the right reasons, have an actual chance of
succeeding and you won’t be stalked by your old

Try it and let me know what happens!

Much Love,


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