How to Be a Real Man

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In 1989 I read an article in Playboy Magazine about a man named Rorion Gracie.
It was about this guy that moved to California from Brazil and issued the “Gracie Challenge”

Here is a link:

Rorion Gracie Playboy Interview

The Gracie Challenge offered $100,000 dollars to anyone that could beat Rorion in a “no-holds” barred fight to the finish. No holds meant; no time limits, no rules, bare handed combat with one man left standing. What was the most amazing about this man was that he defeated his opponents with elegance and grace and without hurting them. Just like laundry each opponent was “folded up” and forced to submit by “tapping out” or be put to sleep by a choke.

His families art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was so effective that it eventually evolved into the Ultimate Fighting Championship which we now know as the UFC.

In this forum Rorion had his kid brother Royce represent the family and he did not let them down. In a tournament style elimination with 4 fights a night Royce easily submitted all his opponents with ease. What makes this even more remarkable is that all of the Gracies are lean flexible males with surfer type physiques.

They are not brawlers and weight-lifters who use brawn over brains. They have the heart of lions and are as lethal as pythons in the ring. I was hooked and immediately signed up to study this art with Rorion’s cousin Carlos Machado in Dallas. I have learned so much from Carlos it would take me months to type it all here.

Here is a picture of Carlos throwing me to the mat early in my classes:

What I relate to most with these guys is how they are students of all facets of life. I spend more time in the Kitchen than my mom or any girl I have ever dated. I had a girlfriend once ask me if I was gay because I knew how to cook. Zeeeeeeeeeesh?

You can tell what kind of “knuckleheads” she was used to dating.

Of course when I went to her parents for dinner shortly thereafter we had a meal where everything was from a can or cooked in a microwave. I do not know if you have ever had asparagus from a can but it is atrocious.

The Gracies developed there own diet as well and are incredible family men.

I am on Rorion’s e-mail list and this is a video he sent out to us this morning on how to massage a baby and change a diaper.

He hasn’t named his son yet, so temporarily he is calling him R-10. This is Rorion’s 10th child.

You see Rorion’s father Helio believes the letter R has mystical powers so he names all his sons beginning with the letter R. I am going to e-mail Rorion and suggest “Rio” as a name since the family is from Brazil and and Rio is the capital and R-10 looks like Rio.

If you are a man and and you are afraid of changing a diaper or raising children have a look at this.

You can see his love comes from strength and this is an extremely tough guy. He sold his interest in the UFC after it became all about the money and just a brawl fest with time limits and rules.

I wonder how all the so called “tough guys in the UFC would do now if they had to fight 4 guys in one night and there were no weight divisions?

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  2. By Allie on Jan 15, 2009

    A strong man changing a diaper with such precision–now that’s hot!

  3. By Tommy Bolton on Jan 20, 2009

    “..I read this,” “..I am an expert on this subject,” on and on and on. Dude, you are one extremely flaky bisquit. Not sure how I ran across your blog, but I believe all things happen for a reason and I read just a little to make sure there wasn’t something I needed to be reading! Well, I kept thinking as read, surely at some point, I’m going to get to where this guy will seem less like a fruitloop, and more like maybe just a drunk on crack. Have you ever read some of what you write when you haven’t been stoned or drunk ? I strongly suggest with all due respect, that you NOT read your blog unless you are well lit up. No offense intended, I just couldn’t after reading some of this stuff, not make a comment. Get more clean oxygen Eric. I’m serious.

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