How Creation Works

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The Jewish faith is beautiful. Anyone who reads this blog knows I do not subscribe to any religion. Especially since I know Latin and I also know the root meaning of the word. Look it up, it’s “religgio” which means to bind. That’s not all folks, the “re” in front of liggio which means to bind, means over and over.

Think about it, thats were we get the words, replay and rewind and so forth.

I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in being binded. I am especially not interested in being bound over and over.

One of the core tenets of the Jewish faith is that Yawheh (God) also had a need to be creative. So to fulfill this desire God created the earth and everything on it. Isn’t that beautiful? Another core tenet of the Jewish faith is that The Kingdom of God is inside of you. I noticed this first in my Jewish friends growing up. They always believed in themselves.

Growing up Catholic and in Catholic school I was exposed to guilt that I should feel guilty about sex and other “supposed” sins because this macabre image of this person nailed to a cross that died for my sins was everywhere. Remember the picture of Jesus that all of our grandmothers had with “the eyes” that would follow you everywhere no matter where you were in the room.

When I got to college I became friends with 2 Jewish guys that were incredible. they had none of the guilt about sex and money and doing what ever you want in life that I grew up with. I hung around them incessantly and I still do. My friend David has been such a good influence I call him my second Dad. Whatever David gets in his mind, he just does it.
I swear his faith can move mountains. He reminds of Jerry Weintraub. I also fell in love with the work of Wilhelm Reich who was so ahead of his time and persecuted for it as well.

It took me a long time to believe in myself and work through all of that guilt that we are taught as young children in Catholicism. Once again I was lucky to hang around the right people and they rubbed of on me. That gets me to the point of today’s post:

You were given something very powerful by God

A mind of your own.

As I mentioned earlier God created you in God’s image.

So you to have the ability to create. I encourage you to use it.

Why do you think that Jewish people who are 2% of the population excel in the entertainment business? All aspects of it I might add. Movies, Music, Comedy and even porn.

It’s a thing called Chutzpah

Chutzpah is the amount of courage, mettle or ardor that an individual has.

In short Audacity.

Most simply don’t believe in themselves and don’t feel that they deserve their wildest dreams.

I encourage you to use your mind like a movie camera. Picture the life you want. Then instead of spending your time sitting in a seat somewhere watching a movie. Design a life that someone will want to make a movie about someday. Do not feel guilty about any of your greatest desires in life, even the carnal ones. Remember as long as you are a responsible adult and you are not hurting anyone in any way, it’s OK to dream and dream big.

Here is how it works.

You are the only thinker in your mind.

I find it very very hard to believe in the vast infinite wisdom that created this universe there is some angry God peering down at me and what I do with my genitals.

Clear out all the guilt you have about anything that does not hurt your fellow man and break the law. Then get busy living.

If you take a pair of scissors and go out in your yard and cut off the weed at ground level. It will come back, you have to dig in the dirt and remove the roots. This is why I learned Latin. It is the root language and I like to know what I am talking about.

If you see me speak in public about AIDS, Disease, Diet and a myriad of other subjects you will see people often get angry and frustrated with me. When I pick apart all the myths that they bought into calmly and question them as to why they know that to be true. People don’t like to dig, they don’t want to get their hands dirty.

If you carefully cultivate your mind you will realize that it is a garden. You have to do a little digging and go there and remove the thoughts that are not aligned with where you truly want to go in your life. Pull those weeds out at the roots. Also notice that you often did not plant them there. The seeds of doubt are most often planted by the infamous 5 P’s

and Peers

Here is the key though, you allowed them to be planted there. It’s OK You where a child and impressionable and vulnerable. You can let all of that go now. It’s time to tap in some Jewish wisdom and take control of your destiny. To love yourself first and laugh at people who tell you can’t do anything. Clean out all of that guilt and any thinking that you are not deserving. Don’t blame the 5 P’s either. They were simply doing the best they knew at the time with the knowledge and understanding they had. All the 5 P’s were impressionable children one day as well. Once you release any blame that you have on them do the most important tenet of all and release any blame you have. You were also just simply doing the best you knew how at that time with the knowledge you had. All blame is a waste of time.

The subconscious mind is represented to you as the earth. You are a child of God created in God’s image that has been bestowed the most powerful force on the planet. Your willpower, as a child of God you have access to the same infinite and intelligence that God accessed to create the Universe. Do not feel guilty or underserving of that power. You were created in God’s image. Your spirit incarnated on this planet to learn to use that power in a beautiful creative way to paint on the canvas that is this earth. That is the beauty of believing in yourself.

When you believe in your self, you truly believe in God.

Think about that…

Much Love and Chutzpah


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