Going down South

August 24th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

We played a show in my Hometown of Houston, TX Saturday night at The Continental Club.
I love the venue and there is a lot of great history there. Whenever my friends come to Texas I will book them there and it always is a great time with an audience that is about one thing.

The Music…

There are not a lot of clubs like that these days especially in the present environment. Rudy Ray Moore played a show there a few years back and I even booked Blowfly there earlier this year. My friend Chris Sacco performs there as well as David Garza and Allan when he comes to Texas. Here is a pic from the show an audience member e-mailed us:

Pete, Mike, Damascus and John all sounded great and it was a fun show. I still cannot believe how humid Houston is, it is unreal. The best part was that my Mom and Dad came out. I got them a table in the back of the club and brought them 2 of the clubs legendary BBQ sandwiches. I met this cool cat named Hank after show the show. He kept telling me I should play the accordion? Well it turns out during the show my Mom and Dad kept telling him I should play the accordion.

My mom’s love of polka and Czech culture never stops.

The band we were on the bill with was “Hot Club of Cowtown” and they were excellent. They were great folks and the guitar player Whit was phenomenal. He played a Gibson L-5 through a little vintage Gibson Amp and it was some of the best Western Swing Jazz I have heard. Elana the fiddler who shares vocal duties with Whit was tearing it up as well. She brings an intensity with her to the stage that is a spark. She toured with Bob Dylan for a few years and tells a great story about the realization that brought to her as a performer.

Here is a pic:

If you look carefully you can see me behind Whit (the guitarist) checking out the show side stage. The bass player Jake was slamming as well and lives in Dallas.

Get their new CD, I did and it is excellent.

The photos are courtesy of a cool music aficionado Gary Weiss that bought our CD and came to say say hello after the show. Thanks Gary, it’s funny he was honest and admitted he didn’t know what to think because our music was so different than Hot Club. Gary is an Oncologist based in Houston and has great taste in music. Here we are after the show:

My band is this Electric, funky, bluesy fusion with rock songs and then you have straight up Western Swing Jazz. I like it like that as music is music and we have had some “wyrrd” pairings over the years. The strangest booking was with a Klesmer band at Juanita’s in Little Rock Arkansas.

Next time you are in Houston be sure to stop by the Continental Club and while you are there stop by in the back and try the BBQ. It is amazing.

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