Fly like an Eagle…

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Fly like an Eagle…
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One thing I believe deeply in life is that the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships. I have this good friend named Jim Gardner that studies guitar with me. I first met his son Griffin that took lessons initially and being a fan of music Jim figured he would take a stab at it as well.

I have one major qualifying criteria that makes a great student. Perserverance, this is the big thing. Just staying the course. Jim does this as well as anybody and he is a cool cat into guitar for all the right reasons. He enjoys it and he has went from playing basic 3 chord blues to tackling Jeff Beck’s “Cause We Ended as Lovers” in a little over a year.

Jim had some logistics issues attending the Eagles concert Saturday night in Dallas so he gave me his tickets. I have to tell you I was surprised and it was a great gesture and deeply appreciated. I have been investing all my loot into developing my new website and completing my new songs for a new CD.  This was the “hottest ticket” in town and the Eagles had sold out The American Airlines center two nights in a row.

I called up my friend Ashley who had great taste in music as I knew she would appreciate the show and get it. She is 23 yet she has an “old soul” and loves to dance as well. The first night I met her “officially” she was at my house singing and dancing up a storm and it was cute to say the least. She had to be the youngest person at the concert that evening.

Several women at the concert commented on this phenomena and since tickets were expensive the crowd was an upscale group of older distinguished folks. I couldn’t help but do the math in my head and figure it out this way though. Glen Frey had mentioned from the stage the first time he played “Take it Easy” in Dallas was in 1974 from the stage at The Cotton Bowl. “I was 4 years young at that time!” Here are a group of guys that just grew up and matured with their audience. All the while writing great songs and writing the soundtrack of their lives and our lives at the same time.

There was no opening band. The show started at 8 P.M. They had a 15 minute intermission and they played until just before midnight. They played hit after hit after hit and they just kept coming. And I can still think of songs that they did not get around to.

All 4 primary members of the Eagles are great singers. Timothy B. Smit the bass player has this silky R&B falsetto thing that he does really well. He reminds me of James Taylor at times as well. Glen Frey has a very laid back confident approach and a great story teller and rapport with the audience. He seems to write the country flavored numbers the best like “Lyin Eyes”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Take it Easy”

Don Henley another great singer in his own right is a man of few words but his voice is just so distinct and just so “fucking cool”. He did hit after hit and would play drums while singing some songs, guitar on others and sometimes just be a “frontman” He sang “Hotel California” and so many of his great songs like “Boys of Summer” and “Deperado”

Then there is Joe Walsh. What a Rockstar! He is like the joker in the bunch. His style is so edgy and quirky yet it just rocks.

I heard this great quote once that was “It is often when people are joking, that they are the most serious”

I think Joe sums that up better than anybody and his part of the set where they feature him is a real high point in their incredible set.

The band was top notch as well and Glenn took the time to introduce each band member by name and this concert had to be the most elegant display of professionalism I have ever seen in a live music setting.

I know that it is a “cliche” to say this and they say that all parents think what the kids listen to is trash. I am not a parent yet so I am not qualified to make a comment in that arena. However I make my living as a musician and I am as immersed as anybody in this business.

When I was growing up I begged my parents for Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith Records. I also listened to bands like the Eagles and The Beatles. The only “questionable” act I seemed to outgrow was KISS. Even at a young age I understood KISS was what it was and I didn’t think of them in the same veign as ther aforementioned bands, I knew it was more about image and putting on a show.

This leads to ask this question. What band that started in the 90’s or in modern times has a lineup of talent and a commitment to being the best like the Eagles. The only thing I could think of off hand would be “Red Hot Chili Peppers” and the vocal talent in that pool is not even remotely close. I watched a few clips of the MTV music awards the other day.

WOW! What a joke that was. Britney Spears, The Jonas Brothers? “Lil’ Wayne”? Lil’ Wayne? man that guy is funny but to even call that music is a disgrace to the word “music” itself. Am I crazy? am I really this out of touch?

Is that Sarah Palin possibly going to be a person who has access codes to a nuclear arsenal?

Am I going crazy or is the world really become this devolved?

Your comments are welcome as I can’t be the only one asking these questions.

Great Cowboy game last night!

Lot’s of heart there!

Hat’s off to Dominic’s girlfriend Patricia for the great Paella!

Much Love,

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