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Birth date: April 8, 1969 at 7:30 a.m. EDST

Address: Texas USA

Height: 6’1

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Blk

Status: In a relationship with an Irish/Italian supermodel.

Pets: Pond full of Japanese Koi and currently cat shopping

Hometown: Houston, TX

Religion: Brought up Catholic

Favorite Color: Green

Tattoos: None

Education: 4 years at University of North Texas

Majors: Music and Business

Piercing: Ears in High School but rescinded after Dad kept making fun of him

Parents: Marvin Keyes Engineer/Fisherman

Louise Keyes: School Crossing Guard/Secretary and Czech Singer/Dancer

Sister: Kathi born on Halloween 1971

Quick over-detailed overview of Childhood:

Eric is adopted and was quickly immersed in a family deeply proud of their Czech Heritage. Believe me it was ten times more intense than My Big Fat Greek Wedding All of his Aunts and Uncles sing and play something so it was pretty much around him 24/7. (His grandmother’s name was “Sophie” and she was a major influence on him), and a song on Wake Up is dedicated to her.

As a child, Eric excelled in Art; played baseball built model airplanes and played the piano. Eric never was a model student. From Elementary to High School he was a major thorn in the side of several teachers and proud of it. He always did well with those who had high expectations of him especially academically. However Eric has had a massive disdain for authority since early childhood and cannot stand to see people pushed around. At one point he had straight in conduct for 4 years.

He relaxed somewhat in High School as he discovered the guitar. Eric has been an avid reader since childhood. His mother used to make him cut the lights off to go to bed and he would resume reading under the covers with a flashlight. Throughout high school he performed in his Metal Band Asylum.

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