Everyone is “hip” and that’s not cool!

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I was thinking today whatever happened to originality? Or at least the pursuit of it!

Zeeeeeesh! I saw this Coldplay commercial last night on TV for Apple Itunes and it was such a blatant rip off of U2 it was sad.

You would think a band like them could come up with something better than that. They had some kind of kind of a basic “Dave Matthews” sound when I first heard them but this is awful. Here is a link:

Look at Chris Martin’s body language and vocal timbre; looks and sounds like he is trying to be Bono for Halloween. The guitarist is even wearing a cap so he can capture the essence of “The Edge” and the song sounds just like U2. What is really sad is that no one notices this stuff. Everyone acts as if this is some groundbreaking sound and video. I am serious read the commentaries on youtube after the video. The writing is on the wall.

Imitation is a type of flattery when done by the youth who are still in “identity crisis” mode and searching to find their voice.

The challenge is there are so many that just get stuck there. Equally challenging is how everyone just accepts this as the status quo. It seems to me like everyone is just “playing it safe” so they are not judged and that they do not stick out from the “herd”

We have become a homogenized culture of robots and it is very sad to me. I am a big fan of Mike Judge; the creator of ‘Beavis and Butthead, King of The Hill and the brilliant movie “Office Space”.

He just created a new movie called “Idiocracy” Go out and rent this, it is great and prophetic in every sense of the word.

Luke Wilson plays this military guy with a mundane desk job. He has no family and no ties to society. Therefore he is chosen for this experiment where they send him into the future. They do so by freezing him and thawing him out in the future in something like 150 years. Of course the Government slashes the funding for the project and he end up getting dumped into a dumpster or something and thawed our early.

The movie is hilarious, he wakes up in the future and everyone is dumb! and I mean dumber than a bag of hammers.
There is no water anymore only Gatorade and the president is a wrestler. I do not want to give away the entire plot but trust me on this one you will get a great laugh. Everything in the movie is run by corporations (sound familiar) and there are no people doing anything anymore.

One can look around today and just see how dumb we are becoming. You know what is an excellent example of this?
Text Messaging! Yes good old text messaging. It has over night revolutionized the way we communicate. All of a sudden conversation has become snippets of codewords, symbols, and mumbled jargon that is dumbing us down more and more.

There are times when I find it convenient don’t get me wrong. But I have friends especially female and younger friends who seem to be only able to communicate this way. Since when did this become a primary method of conversation?

Me and my friend Eric send each other these horribly cheesy text messages all the time; but we are joking.
Most people are not and that is what is sad. I realized today I haven’t talked to someone I am very close to in quite a few days. Then I realized I never really do talk to her. It is just all these silly text messages. We never talk on the phone.

Yet when we are together in person we have these “amazing conversations” and we click big time. I am basically boycotting excessive texting anymore. I just tell people I am not into “casual text” :-0

Here is an example of some texting interaction Me and Eric had lately.

This was fun and we laughed our asses of while we are doing it. But to much of the population this is standard conversation.

Eric1: OMG K-Fed is about to speak LIVE on the news about britney’s custody hearing. Big Stuff
Eric2: I am at a cafe:-( OMG! Can you like DVR it?
Eric1: OK. Mark Kaplan his attorney is speaking now. THIS NEWS!!!
Eric2: OMG! Breaking News!!!! Moonshine has left Miser
Eric1: Holy SHI call omg.com they need to know
Eric2: LOL, ROTGLMFAO, WTF, Olive Juice, OMG!
Eric1: In a meeting. On a call. Running Late. Where are you?:-/ Can you talk now? Call me: Email me: Meet me at Can you pick up:-)

OK just retyping that was exhausting. However keep in mind we are joking and having fun. But this is normal “conversation” these days. Could you imagine if some aliens intercepted this? They would be “like” WTF!

OK, that last part was cheesy but I had to get that in there.

Look at our music scene these days we are pelted with assembly line “cookie cutter” safe to the core music that is so sterile.

I laugh at what is considered “punk” these days. Everybody is hip and that’s not cool. I saw that Kat Von D the female tattoo artist is peddling Pontiac cars now. She even tattooed a car they are giving away. Don’t get me wrong she is sexy but what’s next? Kimbo Slice selling Mrs. Baird’s bread. “This is no ordinary slice! Try a Kimbo slice of bread! it’s fantastic.

When I think of punk I am thinking anti-establishment. I think a great example of a punk band is “Brave Combo”
Carl Finch has the moxie and courage to take something like polka music and make it cool. Now that is punk! Even the name of his band is a “self fulfilling prophecy” think about it what a great band name ‘Brave Combo” willing to be brave and break new ground and barriers.

Another band that was truly “punk” was the Talking Heads. They got their start at CBGB’s in NY and were a true punk band. Playing world beat music and writing songs about serial killers and dressing in nice suits. That is the core of true punk doing something different. When I see these clowns today with their Mohawks and Leather jackets with all of the patches and mandatory piercings I just feel sorry for them.

You know what’s even worse? A Fauxhawk, at least the wanna be punks go all out with their wannabe-ness.
To have a fauxhawk is to be a wannabee wannabee. Once again just a direct path to “douchebagness” and mediocrity at it’s worst.

Another hipster trend that was a crying shame is “trucker hats” This may have been the lowest pop culture has dipped yet. Schopenhauer has a great quote about how one can tell a civilization is about to collapse. When the bourgeoisie or “upper class” of a society is imitating the lowest class of society you can tell the society is fixing to collapse.

Well friends watch out! David Beckham has a fauxhawk and how many of those posers in Hollywood have we had to endure wearing those god awful trucker hats. I think we are about due for a big collapse and it may be the best thing that ever happened to us. Mother Nature has a way of cleaning when it need be done.

So when you find somebody truly cool and original that is following their heart; pick em up and hug them.

You have just found a “needle in a haystack”, a “diamond in the rough” and a rare pearl in this oyster that is our world these days.

Much Much Love!



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