Eric Keyes Live in Austin

September 18th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I love Austin Texas. It’s the only loophole in the Bible belt. I like it so much I filmed my last music video there. I am going to be releasing an bluesy instrumental tune to coincide with the Austin show and it’s called “Joshua Ridge.”

This tune is just a guitarist, bassist, drummer and a Fender Rhodes. There are no overdubs- just a band playing live and recorded in real time at Reeltime Audio.

It’s rare that I do instrumental stuff these days, but I went to see my friend John Carruth perform recently and we discussed finally doing some recording together after years of playing gigs together.

I am so honored to work with so many various talented professional musicians- Pat Peterson, Clark Erickson, Tex Bosley, Elliot Morgan, Wes Stephenson, and John Carruth, along with all the other wonderful musicians I have worked with in the past and all the new musicians I look forward to working with in the future.

Some of the things I look forward to in Austin besides all my friends are all the great restaurants, the excellent BBQ joints such as Saltlick and Franklins, Lucy’s fried chicken, Mushashino Japanese Restaurant, and the outstanding seafood restaurant Perla’s.

Our up coming Austin show is at The Beale Street Tavern on Tuesday October 9th starting at 9pm. We are excited to be playing with our friends August and J. Drummer Marqus Burleson will be playing double duty drums with both August and J and myself.

Here are the details, and we look forward to seeing you at the show.

Eric Keyes Live
The Beale Street Tavern
Show starts at 9 PM
214 East 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 494-6078

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