Everyone Knows My Drinking, No One Knows My Thirst

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I remember when I was 17 driving my Red
Toyota pickup down Ella Boulevard in
Houston, TX. I had a track by the great
guitarist Allan Holdsworth blaring on my
Sony radio. My friend Alex was with me.
The track was called ‘The Devil Takes
The Hindmost’ I just loved the sound of
Allan’s guitar, the floating chords, and
then that guitar solo. That incredible
guitar solo. Years later as I pursued my
dream in music I met Allan
professionally. We hit it off instantly
and became friends.

We are lucky in life and often when you
are ready in your life to take it to the
next level you will meet the perfect
person to help you do so. It has
happened to me so many time I know
anticipate it. If your dream is big
enough where you can accomplish it by
yourself it’s probably not big enough. A
few years ago I was working with Jimi
Tunnell on a track that ended up being
my track ‘Words of a Song’

We had this drum beat that was upbeat
and catchy but Jimi felt it was just
‘too cute’ for the original track. You
never know where you will end up using
something. So I saved it. A friend of
mine was going through a crazy challenge
with addiction. I had never seen
anything like it up close and it made me
think of an old Irish saying ‘Every One
Knows My Drinking No One Knows My
Thirst’ I got out a pen and paper and
within minutes I had a song in the
works. I like to work with the best. So
I had the great bassist Mikel Combs lay
down a fat bass track. Then Jimi added
keys and I put down the vocals. I then
mailed the track to Allan Holdsworth and
he blew me away with one of his most
incredible solos when he sent it back to
me. I then had the one and only Bernie
Grundman Master it. As a final touch we
had my long time artistic collaborater
Aaron Pendland animate the music video
for us. It’s fun and funky but there is
a message a little deeper there as well.
Here it is:


It’s just in time to jam to as we wrap
up this hot summer and head towards the
fall. Please share with all of your
friends and family. We went with a fun
nod to Japanimation and my beloved Ford
Crown Victoria. There are also a few
other clever surprises in the video if
you watch very closely.

All the best and make aand download it
on iTunes, buy the CD at Amazon, friend
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Wow social media is such a part of our
lives these days. I look forward to
seeing you in person at a show this
Fall. Much Love and stay cool.

All the best,



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I love working with mavericks and movers and shakers.
This is one of my favorite shots from the set of our
music video shoot in 2011.


Mick Cevallos is on for sure. We were using drones
when we shot “Words of a Song” in Austin way ahead
of the curve. You did not even have to get a permit
yet the technology was so new. In just a few more
years these things will be dropping off Pizzas at
our homes.

All the best,


I Appreciate You

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Yngwie and Eric

One Law of our Universe that I know to be true is this:

People rise to the level of your expectations of them.

When you appreciate someone your value increases as well
as the value of the person or thing you are appreciating.

Think about that…

When you appreciate you find more about the topic to appreciate.

Some folks believe that we do not have the ability to be telepathic.

I can prove to you that we all have telepathic abilities without a doubt.

Try this, Focus on something you appreciate about someone. The next time
that you see him or her it will be as if they had heard you. However you
think about someone is how you are creating them. They will always reflect
what you are projecting. I can give you a powerful example of this.

When I moved to Dallas in the early 90’s there was a Heavy Metal magazine
distributed locally called The Harder Beat. I remember reading an article
in the magazine. In this article they asked 10 different reporters who was
the worst interview of all time. I don’t remember the exact number but it
was something like 9 out of 10 of them had picked Yngwie Malmsteen. I found
this odd because in high school I had met Yngwie on his tour bus and he was
very nice to me. He bought cases of Heineken for my friends band that opened
for him. I even got to know his singer Jeff Scott Soto who was also great to
me. There was just something fishy about it. It reeked of rumors and hearsay.

Maybe one reporter had a bad interview and it had some kind of domino effect.

I ended up meeting Yngwie several times after that and was always very kind to
me. I expected nothing else from him because I am a fan and I know he loves his
fans. He would joke with me about Monty Python and it was amazing how present
and smart he was about all kinds of things. Do not believe everything you read.

Sometimes you have to remove the speck in your eye to not see the one in your

Like my good friend Glenn Morshower says, “This only works every time”

Much Love,