August 2005

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Hello my friends and thank you for stopping by the site. A lot has been going on lately and we had a blast at Liquid in Dallas and at the Big Top Lounge in Houston. I have 2 new friends from the Czech Republik staying at my home until August. Jazz Guitarist Vilem Spilka and his girlfriend Jana are here from Brno.

My good friend Dr. Tom Sovik from UNT asked me to host and I was honored to have them as guest. I had a blast at the “Los Super Vatos” show at the Silver Leaf recently. Bubba is a great front man and has put together an all-star band. The same love need be sent to Exit 380 and Brave Combo for the solid show at Inferno last Saturday.

On a similar note I, Eric Delegard, Matt Thompson, Mikel Combs and Big Dog have been frequenting Paul Slaven’s gig at the Silver Leaf on the last few Monday’s and all I can say is Wow! Paul is on top of his game and the “King of all improvisation” Me and Big Dog even dropped some Richard Pryor lines on Paul and he ran with the ball. If you haven’t seen Paul Slavens Texlectic music ensemble; it is amazing and unbelievably funny.

I also had the good fortune of catching my friend “Corn Mo” last Saturday at Rubber Gloves. He has really developed his solo act to the next level and the show rocks! Needless to say Wow! What a great music community we have in the underground right here.

I keep hearing all this rhetoric about how “dead” music is in Denton. I even catch myself saying such nonsense and then I remember the “Golden Mantra “You are your attention” What we focus on becomes our reality. I just saw Shaolin Death Squad at TJ’s and the show was mesmerizing. The same last Thursday when Pete Weise and Mikel Combs played an incredible set at The Greenhouse. It just reminds me that “In the underground is where we find music played from the heart and the soul. What we must do is take a look around and Wake up. This is why I have always had a problem with “White People” I always wonder why do they have to live up to their title and be so Vanilla?

And as my friend Blas says “Why don’t they move below the hips? It would be so much easier to vote for someone who moved below the hips!

My friend Kei Nagano master Japanese chef just arrived in Denton today. I cannot believe this guy is staying at my house. He is the rock star of sushi chefs and a good friend of Teiichi Sakurai the owner of “Teppo” and “Tei Tei” two of the finest Japanese restaurant’s in Dallas. As you know I love to say ‘You are your attention” and this guy has paid some serious attention to Japanese food. It would be wise to stay tuned and watch this very site for a very special announcement concerning this guy.

I was sad to hear that a dear family friend Hazael Garza passed away. His son and my good friend Richard Garza copied 2 of his dad’s best guitar albums from Spain when I was 15 years old. One was Carlos Montoya “Sabicas” and the other “Los Indios Tabajaras” both of these albums inspired me constantly.

Also my favorite Guitar teacher Ted Greene passed away last Monday. In his short 58 years on this planet he left a legacy and one of the most incredible recordings of all time. Talk about “speak softly and carry a big stick” His album “Solo guitar” is astounding and beautiful beyond comprehension. Stop by this great website and be a part of this awesome soul and how he enriched so many lives.

Speaking of guitar I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds if not thousands of guitar players over the last 20 years and I notice one redeeming quality of those who finally do something with it. You know what it is?

It is not talent, or drive, money or passion. It is persistence! The best way to get there is to simply not quit. Don’t give up, it really is

that simple. In my high school there were probably 30 of us that played guitar and we all knew each other and hung out in our garages driving our parent’s and neighbors crazy. I played a show in Houston recently and two of my guitar buddies Danny Klotz and Chris Sacco came to the show. By the way Chris was recently nominated for “Best Guitarist in Houston” at the Houston Press Music awards. Congratulations Chris! After I went to see Chris play Sunday night I got to thinking about the fact that me and Chris and Danny all make a great living playing our guitars and singing and doing what we love.

What is different about the three of us and all my 27 other buddies back in high school? They quit and gave up. That is all there is to it, and I can tell you there is no one on this planet that is a slower learner than me. Over the long run this has become an asset beyond my wildest dreams. I might learn things slow but I will not ever give up and I will be buried with a guitar in my hands!

So whatever you passion don’t give up and remember you are your attention!

I love you all,


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