85% of Success is Showing Up

May 29th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa (10×3.5oz)

You are your attention.

That’s a nice phrase. Rife with fortitude.

You are-
your attention.

Can it get any simpler than that? The chocolate Gods definitely have a sense of humor. I like real, deep, rich things. This Green and Black dark chocolate came across my eyes at the grocery store today.

It got me to thinking…

If you want to look at where you are in your life take a real good look at how you spend your time.

In all these years of working with aspiring musicians I have heard every excuse known to man about why they did not have time to practice this week.

I am not talking about showing up to your weekly scheduled lesson with your teacher or its equivalent.

That is difficult to get out of.

I am talking about the appointment you make with yourself. To practice the guitar, or work out, or achieve any goal for yourself.

Think about the appointments that you keep. Your job, the dentist, the DMV. How much happiness do these appointments bring to your life?

A person experiencing addiction is not fulfilling their true will. These people are spending 85% of their time escaping. The addicted person either does not know, or can not attain their true will therefore they only make it a point to show up for their next fix.

You thoughts create your world, that is why you are your attention. Everything that exists in the world from a Ferrari to a slinky started out as a vision, an idea, someones attention. Vision puts together the process that puts together the flow of how we spend our time.

That’s all folks…


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