10 Movies that will change your life

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1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Simply put this movie changed my life.

I take deep pride in my work and I dedicated my life to art and music. I spend every waking hour playing music, recording music, working with up and coming aspiring artists and singers, as well as playing gigs and working in the studio.

This guy Jiro Ono made me feel like a slacker after watching this. His own sons explain in detail in this movie how they will never achieve the dedication this man applies to his craft.

Jiro states very clearly that once you choose your path in life what you dream of doing “You must dedicate your life to mastering this skill,” Ono says in the film. “This is the key to success.”

That is bad ass. That is what it’s all about. What a fucking Rock Star.

2. Fearless

My good friend Dr. Blase Harris turned me on to this movie. It’s heavy and the acting performances by Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez are some of their best work.

The message of this movie is to live each day as it were your last because one day it will be.

This movie even goes a little deeper though. It ascribes to the theory that we cannot go before it is our time. I was never the same after watching this movie. Having experienced a near death experience myself I am even more convinced that this movie is not only worth watching but profound in ways we do not understand until we go there.

3. His Way

Jerry Weintraub knows how to live. He reminds me of me and he especially reminds me of my friend David and my friend John Aruzian. Everyone I have recommended this movie to immediately called me and told me ” Thank you Eric.” I will never be the same after watching this. The message of this movie is simple.

Fear nothing.

Believe in yourself when no one else does and remember this- life is too short to be spent in the company of morons.

4. The Fountainhead

This is a classic and Ayn Rand is a polarizing figure. Like me there’s not a lot of gray area with her. People seem to love her or hate her. In my experience this is when someone is doing things right.

When you try and please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

The problem with trying to please people all the time is that it ends up sending a mixed message and ends up infuriating them. Think about the people who like Ayn Rand. Mark Cuban, Ron Paul, and Alan Greenspan. Movers and shakers.

This movie is about believing in yourself when no one else does.

Elsworth Toohey reminds me of the pansy talking heads we have in our media. Like Don Henley says in his brilliant song “Dirty Laundry” kick ‘em when they’re up, kick ‘em when they’re down. Criticism never built a house, wrote a book, or a song.

5. Rocky

I’ve been told so many times in my life that I favor Sylvester Stallone that I quit counting. Even the first time I went to Jamaica with my family and we got off the boat the porters that were waiting raised their fist at me and said “Rocky! Rocky!.”

So maybe I am a little biased, but the story behind this movie and how Sylvester Stallone simply willed this film into existence is unprecedented. I am going to write a separate post entirely on the inspiring story with every detail about how he pulled this off. This is considered one of the best movies of all time on almost every list of the greatest films.

6. What Dreams May Come

I love this movie. It’s a masterpiece and it hammers home a beautiful point about how we cannot save anyone until they’re ready for help. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom.

The imagery and storyline is so inspiring and I love how one of my favorite paintings “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch is featured in this film as well.

7. Tyson

Mike Tyson is real. Cus D’amato his trainer saw the potential in him as a fourteen year old street kid and believed in him when no one else did. I think Mike Tyson is one of the most misunderstood individuals on the planet. I had limiting negative beliefs that I picked up from the media’s portrayal of him until I saw this. I myself have found so much to relate to in this movie and I think you will too after watching it.

When you are real and live your life on your own terms you will piss a lot of people off because in doing so you shine a light on their mediocrity.

Hats off to you Mike Tyson and even a greater shout out to James Tobeck for creating this masterpiece.

8. Joseph Campbell on Power of Myth With Bill Moyers

Joseph Campbell gets it. I chose to round this list off with him because Joseph Campbell is to the human experience what Jiro Ono is to sushi. He dedicated his life to understanding spirituality and the role of myth and belief in our lives. George Lucas attributed his writing of Star Wars to the work of Joseph Campbell. This interview was filmed at Skywalker Ranch. George Lucas’s ranch. George even read the eulogy at Joseph’s funeral. I wrote my most successful song “Words of a Song” after visiting Joseph’s grave in Hawaii. Watch this movie. I guarantee you it will change your life.

Words of a Song on iTunes-

9. Defending Your Life

This is a clever film introduced to me by my good friend Dr. Blase Harris. The premise of this film is at the end of your life you find yourself on the other side and whisked away to this place called “Judgement City.” There you will literally watch a movie that is your life and stand trial with a prosecutor and everything. During the moments when you “chickened out” or did not do something you truly desired to do in life out of fear, you have to defend yourself. Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks are brilliant in this film and it makes you think very deeply about how you live your life.

10. Rickson Gracie: Choke

This movie is about Rickson Gracie. The legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Rickson is a samurai warrior in every sense of the word. His mastery of his art and of leverage and of the philosophy of combat is astounding. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be inspired to bring out the greatest depth that the human spirit is capable of.

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