5 ways Eric Keyes can help improve the quality of your life.

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1. Give the gift of music.

We are excited to announce the release of 2 new singles on iTunes. Here is a link to a song Eric wrote about the power of music called “Words of a Song”-

Here is a link to our other single now featured on iTunes, Reign Falls. This one is a little heavier, enjoy-

2. Performance

Aside from their heavy touring schedule Eric and his band also provide exciting entertainment for parties, BBQ’s, grand openings, weddings, and have even played bar-mitzvahs. An intimate acoustic performance is perfect for small get-togethers and coffee shops. A classical guitar performance by Eric brings elegance and a touch of class to any event including weddings, birthday parties, churches, even inaugurations.

3. Give the gift of Education

For 27 years Eric has been exclusively working with a select group of private students coaching them towards their musical goals teaching private guitar lessons in the Dallas Park Cities Area.

Gift Certificates are available in monthly, quarterly, or annual increments. Please contact Melissa Kinney for details at 940.735.7388. You can also inquire via email at melissa@wealthyrecords.com.

4. Business Consultation

Eric has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 16. Though music is his primary passion his business oriented mindset has spearheaded the successful launch of several ventures. As a Producer Eric has overseen the development and creation of several bands and taken their career to the next level.

Outside of the music industry Eric along with his good friend Kei Nagano completely built North Texas’s premier Japanese restaurant Keiichi from the ground up.

5. Lifestyle Design

Millions of Americans spend countless hours, millions of dollars, and immeasurable amounts of their energy in an effort to improve the way they feel on a physical and emotional level. A healthy diet not only manages weight gain, it affects mood, energy levels, and the brains ability to function properly.

In 3 months Eric can take you from here-

To here-

From this-

To this-

This was done in 3 months and maintained for over 3 years working out 3 times a week no more than 20 minutes at a time using simple body weight exercises.

You will eat like a king eating real food that sustains you and you will look lean and feel great. Satiety is the key here, as you will learn how to control insulin by eating the way nature intended. Our society has reached a pandemic when it comes to obesity and now people are even risking their lives to lose weight with insane lap band surgeries. There is no need for this, Eric can show you how to do this naturally at a fraction of the cost without risking your life.

If you are interested in any of the services listed above simply contact-

Eric Keyes

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